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This is the smartest garden stake you will ever use! Miracle Stake is a six-foot vegetable support system.

The Miracle Stake gives you a better choice to grow your own food easier than you ever thought possible.  This gives you total control over your crops, because veggies are not on the ground, they’re cleaner, easier to weed, harvest, and they look delicious.

Our stake is superior to other growing methods because it supports the stem and the weight of the fruit as it grows it doesn’t let go or fall over.

The Miracle Stake is Universal

With this simple design you can grow a number of different vegetables in the garden or on the deck.

  • tomatoes
  • cucumbers
  • mini sweet peppers
  • egg plants
  • pole beans and more

How it Works

First, slide the stake into the container, add the support arms and vine twine, secure the plant with a clip.
Done!  It’s that easy!

What’s Included

The Miracle Stake comes complete with

  • 1 six foot stake
  • 3 support arms
  • 20 vine clips
  • 6 lengths of vine twine (pre-cut)

Easy to Use, Easy to Store

With the Miracle stake there is no tying up your plant ever again. It also works great in the garden and it looks even better on the deck for container gardening.  The great thing about Miracle Stake is it doesn’t need to be driven into the soil like other stakes a small hole is all you need. Our stake compacts easily for storage and shipping. The hi-tech support arms slide into the top of the stake in seconds. No nuts or bolts are needed. The twine comes precut allowing you to quickly attach it to the support arm locking it in place all season. No more ripping up old rags to tie up your plants! Specially designed Vine clips lock the plant to the twine as it grows, when you here the snap you know the clip is secured. Clips unlock for easy removal and they’re reusable.

Works in the Garden Too!

When growing in the garden it’s as easy as planting a plant make a small hole place the miracle stake in the hole firm the soil around the stake and you’re good for the season. Done! It’s that easy!

The Stake Won’t Fall Over like a Tomato Cage.

In testing it was found as the plant grows and more stems are clipped to the vine twine the more stable the stake becomes it doesn’t fall over.

Miracle Stake Saves Space

Cucumbers take up a lot of space in the garden but, with one Miracle Stake you can grow cucumbers for the whole family in almost any small space.

Grafted tomatoes are the new craze hitting the garden centers here at Miracle Stake we’re in a position to support this new upcoming market and helping you grow these larger tomato varieties.

Miracle Stake! Support for today’s Taller Vegetable Varieties!

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Miracle Stake!                      Support for today’s Taller Vegetable Varieties!


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